Book Now - only $125/Person. Our Bioluminescence Kayak Tour is often imitated but never recreated. Leading the way we created the San Juan Island Bioluminescence Kayak Tour 7 years ago. When you read about bioluminescence paddling on San Juan Island, you are reading about Discovery Sea Kayaks.


Experience the rare phenomenon of bioluminescence in a night time kayaking tour of the bio bay, Laguna Grande Nature Reserve in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Bioluminescence is one of planet Earth’s best-kept secrets. Tiny organisms make the water glow at night.

Summer kayaking night tours with clear kayaks near Orlando and Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast. Departs nightly. Easy Online booking or Call 407-361-9969 2020-06-22 Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. On dark (moonless) nights on Tomales Bay, bluish white flickers are visible in the water column, which come from blooms of bioluminescent “dinoflagellates”.

Bioluminescence kayaking

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Different from the ordinary canoeing, kayaking in the bioluminescent waters add zest to your family or romantic vacation. In every stroke of your paddle, the water around glows and sparkles as flying blue comets. Even so, this bioluminescence is a unique phenomenon and it’s only available on select water bodies. As such, various crucial Bioluminescent kayaking tours in Florida near Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral.

FREE photos taken on all daytime and sunset tours!


2021-02-08 · Bioluminescent organisms love warm weather. You’re going to want to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida in the warmer summer months, after the sun has gone down of course! Generally, the best time to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida is from the middle of May through the summer until early October.

28 Jun 2019 Get Up and Go Kayaking offers bioluminescent tours in Florida's Space Coast where clients paddle through the glowing waters in see-through 

Bioluminescence kayaking

Paddle within the bioluminescence as they emit short flashes of light in the ocean below, an evening you will never forget  The Moonlight/Starlight Kayaking Experience the panoply of stars overhead, the astonishing bioluminescence, and the deep, dark peace and serenity of night. 11 Oct 2018 This incredible phenomenon, also known as Bioluminescence, is best seen in a transparent kayak. Just imagine night kayaking through  Paddle the Bioluminescence at Night. Join our professional guides on a two-hour evening kayak tour through sheltered Deer Harbor as we search for unique  Outer Banks Bioluminescence Kayak Tours are the perfect opportunity to experience the OBX Bioluminescence. Shooting stars, moon, & magic on this kayak  18 Jan 2019 Thankfully, I saw the light (Get it? The bioluminescent kind) and discovered that you can actually go bioluminescence kayaking in Florida and  20 Mar 2018 Whether you prefer to kayak or paddleboard, with several bioluminescence tour options available, you'll be able to find the right experience that  Florida Bioluminescence Bay – This bay on Merritt Island has one of the best populations of bioluminescent marine organisms and is definitely top on the list.

… Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour (May through September) Contact Us to Learn More Ready to Start Exploring?
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Bioluminescence kayaking

We launch from the NW side of Haulover Canal! Bioluminescent Kayaking.

Imagine shooting stars gliding underneath your kayak.
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15 Jan 2020 The first clear kayaking company, Get Up and Go provides guests with clear kayaks that allow for the ideal visibility for viewing the 

There are ways to mitigate the mosquitoes when you’re kayaking through bioluminescence in Florida. The focus of the Bioluminescence Kayak Tour is one of the area’s tiniest visible organisms, Kayaking is one of the most up-close and personal ways to experience dinoflagellate bioluminescence (dino bio). And with the invent of clear-bottom kayaks, the experience is more immersive than ever!

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Fajardo Bio Bay Kayaking. We off two kayaking tours that correspond with the Lunar Cycle. During the waxing/waning moon phases, the conditions are best for viewing Pyrodinium Bahamense, a species of Dinoflagellate or the bioluminescent organism. During the full moon phase, these conditions are best for viewing the moon’s reflection on the lagoon. Adventure is Florida's #1 Bioluminescent Kayaking Night Tour Company. Want More Information About How to Join Us? Call 407-5 The bioluminescent kayaking tour is usually 1.5 to 2 hours.

We offer a variety of San Juan Islands Kayaking Tours. Bioluminescence Kayak Tours to 3 Day Camping Kayak Tours, Half Day and Full Day Kayak Tours.

Photos emailed up to 48 hours after a guided tour. Parties of 10 or more call 808-798-6630 to book a reservation with Cocoa Kayaking! EXPLORE MANGROVE TUNNELS! 2021-02-06 2021-02-08 We’re the first clear kayaking bioluminescent company! The great thing about paddling in our clear kayaks is that you can also see the glowing directly below you! Paddling in a clear kayak will enhance your bioluminescence viewing experience by a long shot! … Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour (May through September) Contact Us to Learn More Ready to Start Exploring?

Co-Founder, Siplikan Media Group Read full profile Very few activities offer outdoo Some organisms such as jellyfish have the ability to glow. The light emitted is due to a chemical reaction. Discover 10 amazing bioluminescent organisms.