ACOLAR LOLER: 2007-June-13v2 HSE Guidance how LOLER applies to Rope access. BSI - Terms and Definitions and Equipment Checklist - Rope access 


As with life safety ropes, if the harness has been subjected to shock loads, fall loads or abuse other than normal use, the harness should be retired from service. If there is any doubt about the serviceability of the harness for any reason, it should be retired from service.

Weight: 2.6 kg. Max load: 154 kg – 350 lb or double for pick-off rescues. Standards Compliance: CE certified to EN 361: 2002, EN 358: 1999 & EN 813: 2008 Chest harness specifically designed to incorporate a chest ascender (not included) for rope access work and the shoulder straps are specially tailored to reduce chafing of the neck. Weight 4lb. 4oz.

Rope access harness

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(Size 0) Petzl AVAO BOD  With your help we're planting 100,000 trees this year. Checkout. AUD, CAD, EUR , GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. Login · Mont Adventure Equipment · CLOTHING  Target Pro Turbo. Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great also for short duration rope access, equippped with automatic NEW  Rope Access & Rescue. ya380sn.jpg · Yates Voyager Full Body Harness. $465.00.

Sit harness with 2 ventral loops for rope  lightness and robustness as theprinciple of development. • It is very easy to adapt to different workspaces (such as Rescue, Rope Access, Manhole, Silos etc.). Step into your harness and get ready for a podcast about the vertical world.

Rope Access Equip Limited, 1st Floor, Brunel Rooms, Straight Street, Bristol, BS2 0FQ, UK

Rope Access Safety Training Med Rope Access Sveriges 25-åriga erfarenhet inom höghöjdsarbete ligger det nära till hands att vilja hjälpa andra som exponerar sig för fallrisker. Av denna anledning startades 2013 systerbolaget Rope Access Safety Training AB. The Viking Rope Access Harness has been the workhorse of the rope access industry since 2005. Customizable: with different top webbing colour options, and you can add your name or company logo. Material: Polyester and Nylon Webbing.

3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access/Rescue Harness 1113345, Small, 1 EA 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access/Rescue Harness 1113346, Medium, 1 EA 3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Rope Access/Rescue Harness 1113347, Large, 1 EA

Rope access harness

Required Field * Size. - Select -, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge. Item Weight  26 Oct 2016 Choosing a harness is a daunting task. Learn the differences of a tower climbing harness vs a rope access harness to make an informed  Browse Harnesses now at Rope Access Equip.

It has an integrated rope clamp and its own gray loops for attaching the seat board. The built-in attachment points have the IGNITE series color concept: Bright orange for the attachment points, in compliance with EN 361, grays for the positioning and sitting attachment points. Yates 390FRA Rope Access Lineman Harness Description The 390FRA Harness is designed and recommended for helicopter external load short haul work. The 390FRA harness has a more flexable waist pad system than the 390FRC Harnesss. This harness was specifi A range of Harnesses designed for Rope Access, Suspension and Rescue tasks and conforming to EN361, EN358 and EN813. Products in this category: Miller Ropax Rope Access Harness - Size S/M Each component of the rope access kit is precisely picked to give the technician the ability to tackle any job with a full range of motion.
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Rope access harness

There are 2 harness modules to make up the full Access Safety Harness as shown here;  Rope Tower & Access. Rope Access Harnesses in Stock.

New lightweight aluminum D rings are used on side positioning, chest, and dorsal fall protect Each rope rescue harness is designed to provide comfort and protection, with a variety of additional features, including multiple attachment points and quick-release buckles.
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Shop Now for Rope Access Harness products and Work Safety Equipment on Absafe, Australia's leading Rope Access Harnesses and Safety Product 

Long or short rope ascent. Harness for rope access, the best choice for situations where lightness and freedom of movement are paramount.

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Heavy duty rope access harness; 1 förankringspunkt i ryggen och 2 öglor i bröst (sammankopplas) för infästning av fallskyddssystem; D-ringar och 

The system A safe system of work for rope access must have a completely independent attachment in addition to the suspension system. The Products a fall arrest harness Descending device Flexible anchorage line and rope grab. Description: The Altumax Rope Access harness is fully padded, fully adjustable, and can be used for fall arrest, rope access and work positioning applications. The harness comes complete with front, waist, chest, dorsal and side waist attachments. The harness was designed for maximum comfort without restricting movement when performing rope access work for long periods of time.

Rope access systems—Rope adjustment devices. C— rope adjustment device: working line descender. Max harness (this is the only acceptable body.

Vi erbjuder underhåll, inspektion och utbildning; på hög höjd, slutna utrymmen och svåråtkomliga platser. Kontakta oss idag på INDUSTRIAL ROPE ACCESS, ABSEIL, ARborist, HEIGHT SAFETY & RESCUE EQUIPMENT. Light weight, comfort, effectiveness, modularity, ergonomy, efficiency are just some of the keywords that help to better perceive the approach that C.A.M.P. uses in answering to the basic concept of safety, via the products and technical solutions available in this range of quality equipment. The rope access is called the “royal discipline” of activities related to work at heights.

Harnesses are suitable for abseiling, climbing, mountaineering and rescue from fall.